Why OutWork ?

Outwork provides sales teams with on-the-go data capture, automates reporting, gives a complete picture of sales activities and gives data-driven insights using analytics. Cut through noise and energy sapping 1-1 follow-ups to let your sales team focus on closing business.


What do sales teams have to always do ?

Data Capture: Reduce effort on mundane tasks like reporting and updates


What do the managers and teams need to do now? What is happening now?

Intelligent alerts: Be on top of things and follow-up at the right time


What should sales teams and managers know ?

Data driven: Provides sales teams and managers with the information they need


What can or should I do ?

Changing sales team focus and direction as appropriate


How are we performing?

Compete with full information and stay aligned with team goals


What is the complete picture ?

Activity based and execution focused system to continuously improve performance

Helps you drive the behaviors that lead to winning more business

What is your (sales team) productivity ?
  • How many customers is each sales staff visiting daily?
  • How much effort is it taking to add new customers?
  • How many times are you following up to close deals?
  • How are you executing against your plan and tasks?
Is your (sales team) spending time on the right priorities?
  • Which product is being promoted?
  • How are you tracking customer issues?
  • How are we performings?
  • Is your effort appropriate to opportunity size?

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Our Features

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Outwork converts day to day manual operations into an automated system with intelligent insights. Outwork is a sales management system that helps focus on activities that lead to closing more business. It is your sales operations technology partner. Create a culture of per performance with data. Remarkable sales performance can come from capture and analysis of good, clean data.
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Your Sales Operations Centre

Have the pulse of market action

Dashboard and Analytics

Get user-friendly graphs and charts with a quick overview of team or individual productivity at the click of a button. Understand the efforts, products promoted, categories etc

Comprehensive Reporting

Analyze and improve your execution and productivity with detailed Web and Excel Reports. Get reports for visits, tasks, GPS tracking and other data captured.

Intelligence in the Inbox

Get excel reports, consolidated and individual to the inbox with automated E-Mail reporting of data and charts. Daily, weekly and monthly mails can be configured as needed.

Settings & User Management

Manage the logo, group name, profiles and personalize your experience of the Outwork application easily. Add, delete and modify your users and team structures as per your organization

Data Management

Assign customers and manage master lists of organizations and contacts. Set up and organize the resource library of collateral materials.

Task Assignment

Plan the entire team's execution and activities and assign and monitor progress on tasks. Get intelligent notifications and reminders.

Buyers' Guide

Technology can be a great enabler. When integrated and implemented well, it can bring significant efficiencies in work flows and enhance productivity tremendously.
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Loved By Our Customers

Sanjay Jha
Director at Collateral Medical Pvt. Ltd.

Outwork allows us to analyze and improve our front-line execution and productivity. We are getting better efficiency from the team and are more streamlined as a result.

KC Ramakrishna
CEO Nistapp.

On Outwork my team can log a day's worth of activities in under 10 minutes and I get a clear picture of what is happening on the field. With Outwork we have those insights and that extra time to do the right things that are going to bring us more business.

Senior Manager
Leading Healthcare Company

Outwork gives us ease of use and reduces friction in reporting. Its notifications help staff be on top of things and the analytics help us in having data driven discussions.

Better Data + Great Insights = More Productivity & Increased Sales. Trusted by Sales Teams

Support & Integrations

  • Call center on-boarding to call each user to familiarize them with the solution
  • Master data uploaded by OUTWORK team
  • Regular service calls
  • 9 AM to 5 PM (Mon – Fri):
    • Phone support
    • 24 Hr response time to e-mail queries
  • Regular service calls
  • Works with or without a CRM
  • Integration with popular CRM platforms (discussion required)
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